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Who we are

We are a new generation of extra ordinary believers set apart by the holyspirit to express the fullness of God on earth through a life of extra ordinary power, Holiness, righteousness, humility, and selfless service to the work of Christ and to humanity.

Our vision

We want to usher thousands of believers into this new amazing resurrected life of Jesus where the fullness of the God head is experienced.

Our mission

To Help Christian’s who are hungry for the power of Jesus Christ and who are willing and ready to live in the fullness of the resurected life of Christ to assess powerful songs, messages and articles from great generals of the gospel which will guide them into this wonderful life of Holiness, righteousness, great power and authority.

What we do
In summary

*With our website showcase latest songs from music ministers all over the world.

  • We upload powerful songs to suit your spiritual needs
  • With our mixtape we distribute songs all over Abuja.
  • With our airplay mechanisms we promote songs in every major market in the city of Abuja
  • We carry our salvation outreaches, we do philatropical works, we organise worship experience concerts and upper room programs for spiritual growth.